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    At Diversified Asphalt, we believe as we care for your parking lots and paved surfaces, we should also care for the earth. Black tops can be green too, so to maintain our planet friendly status, we have held steadfast to a series of quality controls and environmental procedures.

    At our manufacturing plant, we implement production methods that support this goal. Whenever possible, we use recycled materials to produce our product with uncompromised quality. Our plant is held to self-imposed procedures to ensure strict air quality controls.

    To continue to make improvements, we are always searching for new technologies for both our production and distribution process that are rapidly implemented to both meet and exceed current environmental measures. In addition, both our plant and fleet are subjected to periodic review to ensure our carbon footprint is kept as low as possible.

    All of these procedures and practices are reviewed on a monthly basis to enhance green practices and reduce the possibility of spills and accidents that could harm the environment. We will continue to work with passion and resilience to keep our green commitment.