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The Premiere Supplier of asphalt coating and sealing services. Diversified Asphalt has a twenty-year legacy of industry-leading product quality and performance, setting the bar on what a paved surface looks like and holds up to. Committed to Delivering to their clients only the very best in both service and offerings, call or click to see how Diversified can pave the way for your Business or Municipality.


A five-star restaurant combines the best of all assets – world-class cuisine, a classically trained chef and a staff who is dedicated to creating dining perfection for every guest. At Diversified Asphalt, we give this same level of care and attention to our customers. Our signature line of coating and maintenance products have a winning formula that has remained unchanged for 25 years and is still as dark and durable as it was two decades ago. We use only the highest quality ingredients including 100% Vinsol emulsifier and 100% natural slate for a rich, intense black covering that “eclipses” others.

Our knowledgeable and committed staff has a combined 100+ years in the industry. Not only do they create a wonderful line of quality products, but they also provide our customers with a service level second to none. And our experienced drivers are the best of the best… combined, they rack up over 200 years of “on the road” experience.

In a nutshell, the long-standing Diversified Asphalt team is consistent, intuitive and provides unparalleled work ethic in everything they do. From our president, throughout our entire company, we understand that our valued customers make us the success we are today.


At Diversified Asphalt, we believe as we care for your parking lots and paved surfaces, we should also care for the earth. Black tops can be green too, so to maintain our planet friendly status, we have held steadfast to a series of quality controls and environmental procedures.

At our manufacturing plant, we implement production methods that support this goal. Whenever possible, we use recycled materials to produce our product with uncompromised quality. Our plant is held to self-imposed procedures to ensure strict air quality controls.

To continue to make improvements, we are always searching for new technologies for both our production and distribution process that are rapidly implemented to both meet and exceed current environmental measures. In addition, both our plant and fleet are subjected to periodic review to ensure our carbon footprint is kept as low as possible.

All of these procedures and practices are reviewed on a monthly basis to enhance green practices and reduce the possibility of spills and accidents that could harm the environment. We will continue to work with passion and resilience to keep our green commitment.


A large part of your property, your parking lot, schoolyard, or driveway represents a significant financial investment. It sets the look and provides a first impression to visitors. Periodic sealcoating helps maintain its value and will beautify your establishment while protecting your investment from damaging, harmful effects.

Natural elements, including moisture and ultraviolet oxidation, as well as contaminants from man-made elements such as fuel, oil, anti-freeze, and salts, break down the oils and cohesive properties in asphalt. This can cause cracks halfway into the surface in as little as five years. Interestingly, water is the most damaging agent to asphalt. Small cracks act as miniature storm drains from sprinkler run-off or after rainfall causing raveling between the asphalt over time. Larger cracks and potholes can appear within the base in as early as 8 to 10 years unless precautions are taken.

An OverKote application protects your investment offering the same benefits as sun block on your skin or a good varnish on beautiful wood. Sealcoating with OverKote protects your asphalt, extending the life of your investment and saving you money in the long run.

In fact in a study from BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) it can be shown that over 20 years, a parking lot not properly maintained will have its useful life degraded 18%; eroding to the point that replacement is necessary. The cost to replace a lot (100,000 sq ft) can average in excess of $300,000, while proper maintenance through sealcoating every three years will have a total 20-year cost of only $60,000. That’s only $3,000/yr in preventative maintenance costs.


On July 15, 1992, Diversified Asphalt Products started with one truck and trailer and a mission statement. Keeping our customers satisfaction first in our mind, we have since grown to a fleet of 17 trucks and 35 tanks. Through the years, we have kept true to our namesake and diversified into many aspects of the paving industry. We offer the right combination of experience, product accessibility, paving and repair services to completely service our customer’s needs.

Kenny Martindale

In memory of Kenny Martindale who founded Diversified Asphalt Products in 1992

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